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Dusting Away Summer

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Fall is a transitional time of year that here in Northern Michigan finds us not just enjoying the colors, raking leaves and digging out our Winter boots, but also preparing for a change in our lifestyle. We get a lot of interest from folks wanting their homes prepared for the changing of the seasons. Knowing they will be spending a lot more time inside than out and want their homes, condo's or apartments ready so they can focus on the important things in life like warm fires, good movies and a hot cup of tea at the end of a long day at work. After all, that is one of the most overlooked aspects of what a quality cleaning company does, we make your life more enjoyable and allow you to be healthier and happier year-round.

What can you do to prepare for the colder days ahead?

For the do it yourself type, here are a few of the simple, yet effective techniques we utilize on a day to day basis that will make your home a healthier and happier place to be.

Tip: Improve the look, feel and air quality in your home by practicing a top to bottom dusting approach followed by changing your homes air filtration system filter.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Start at the ceiling and work your way down.

  2. Start with a dust trapping device such as a Swiffer Duster.

  3. Dust everything, don't forget ceiling fans, light fixtures, wall art or house plants.

  4. Deep clean window blinds in a cleaning solution and don't forget the curtains!

  5. Clean all useable surfaces with an anti-bacterial cleaning solution and vacuum or steam mop, depending on the floor surface.

  6. Enjoy your Winter at home!

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