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  • Where do you service?
    ProFit Clean services Traverse City, Garfield Township, Elmwood Township, Old Mission Peninsula, Sutton's Bay, Lake Leelanau, Leland, Bingham, Interlochen, Grawn, Chums Corners, Maple City, Cedar, Glen Arbor, Lake Ann, Empire, Honor, Solon, Beulah, Benzonia, Platte River, Crystal Lake, Frankfort, Elberta, Acme, Williamsburg, Yuba, Elk Rapids, Mayfield, Kingsley, and other surrounding Northern Michigan areas!
  • Do I have to be home during my house cleaning appointment?
    No, you do not! As long as our team has a door code, spare key or lockbox option, we're happy to let ourselves in!
  • What is your availability? Do you do cleaning on the weekends?
    ProFit Clean has availability 7 days a week! We do clean on the weekends. Feel free to contact our office at (231) 995-9667 to discuss your cleaning time needs further!
  • What type cleaning services does ProFit Clean provide?
    ProFit Clean provides residential cleaning, commercial cleaning, business cleaning, office cleaning, post construction cleaning, manufacturing facility cleaning, deep cleaning, move in cleaning, move out cleaning, and specializes in short term rental cleaning and vacation rental cleaning.
  • What is included in house cleaning services?
    During the initial consultation, ProFit Clean will help determine ahead of time what specifically you would like completed during your cleaning service and clearly communicate to the cleaning checklist for the cleaning crew. ProFit Clean offers a variety of cleaning services and can cater to your specific cleaning needs based on your request.
  • What should I do to prepare for the cleaner's arrival? Anything I should put away before the cleaner gets here?
    ProFit Clean understands that every home operates differently, along with those who occupy the home as well. During our initial consultation, we gauge what services the client would prefer and discuss their needs keeping in mind their budgetary goals as well for the services. As the actual cleaning process takes time. Therefore, the more items that are left out or the surfaces to be clear for a cleaner to perform the cleaning services, the more time your cleaner has to spend.
  • Where can I find your references?
    Google reviews, Yelp Reviews and the ProFit Clean's company website is a good sources for customers reviews and testimonials for ProFit Clean's services. We will gladly provide references upon request as well.
  • Are your employees insured?
    Yes! Our company carries general liability and workers’ compensation insurance for our employees.
  • Will it be the same cleaner each time or will there be different cleaners with your company? Can I request to have the same cleaner if I really love the work they do?
    After an initial consultation, we will generally fit the cleaner or cleaning team based on the services requested and time frame. We would gladly try to honor a request for the same cleaner to the best of our ability, as we do that for many clients. The advantage to hiring the ProFit Clean team is that we have a large team of cleaning personnel to ensure your cleaning service needs are met if there ever needs to be a change in scheduling.
  • When can you provide me with an estimate? How much will the estimate cost?
    ProFit Clean will gladly provide an estimate for cleaning services at no charge. Please feel free to contact us via our office line at (231) 995-9667 to discuss your cleaning needs and we will provide a quote of service.
  • How often will you clean?
    You can schedule cleaning services as often as you would like with ProFit Clean. You can schedule a one-time clean or set-up reoccurring service. Cleaning services can take place weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. ProFit Clean also provides move in cleans or move out cleans, deep cleans, commercial cleans, business cleans, and post-construction cleans as well.
  • What if I have a pet? Will you clean with the pet home alone or does someone have to be there?
    Many of our ProFit Clean team members are pet owners and love pets! We do service homes with pets. If you have a pet, they are also welcomed to stay in the home while our team cleans. If you are concerned your pet may be scared or needs extra care, you can designate a safe space for them, and we will make sure our team members are aware.
  • Does your company provide the cleaning supplies or do we need to provide the cleaning supplies if we use your company's service?
    Our company provides all cleaning supplies and tools needed to perform the cleaning services. We do understand that every individual and/or family and their home's needs are very different. If a client is requesting that our team uses their cleaning supplies for any specific reason, then we will gladly accommodate the requests.

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