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Five easy things to forget to clean.

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Check out these often overlooked household places for dust, grime and dirtiness!

#1. Take everything off your counters

There have been so many times that I have cleaned my kitchen and thought it was clean, only to pick up a jar or move a toaster and realized that an entire ecosystem had been growing under them without my knowledge. Do yourself a favor and just take 5 extra minutes to move some stuff around. You might even find some things that you thought you lost or maybe you’ll do a mini countertop renovation.

#2. Clean out your toaster’s crumb catcher

Yes, you heard that right! Your toaster has its own crumb catcher and the chances that it’s filled to the top is very high, even if you did know about it. Haven’t you ever picked up your toaster and had a ton of crumbs fall out of the bottom and all over your floor or freshly cleaned counter top? That’s because every toaster has been made with a crumb catcher that’s either in the bottom or back of your toaster that you can open by either unlatching it or sliding it out. If you don’t do this then your toaster will rain crumbs all over.

#3. Clean your coffee maker

Coffee grinds have a bad habit of getting everywhere despite the fact that you only use them for making coffee! Also, a dirty coffee maker can affect the flavor of your delicious, and life-saving, morning coffee. The best and easiest way to clean your coffee maker is to run a mixture of white vinegar and water through your coffee maker, like you would your morning coffee. You’ll know when it’s clean when you can run plain water through it and it comes out with little to no flavor. Don’t forget to also clean the hot plate as well because, while it doesn't look like it, that plate has burnt coffee encrusted on it.

#4. Clean your stove’s air filter

Much like with the toaster’s crumb catcher, most people had no idea this even existed. Well it does and it’s completely and totally disgusting. Your stove's air filter is going to be filled with grease! That’s right, grease. This is because when you cook anything, especially when frying, grease particles are flying through the air and into your vent. You can take this filter and clean it in warm soapy water to let the grease come off as easily as possible. If you can’t get your filter perfectly clean don’t worry because it’s really not the easiest thing to clean. As long as you’ve tried to get as much up as possible then you’re good.

#5. Clean your silverware drawer

Your silverware drawer is something that you never think to clean because, well, the only things that you put in it are clean silverware. How does it get so dirty! Also, you never realize just how dirty it is until you are moving and packing up your silverware and see all the gross stuff that has been hiding under your clean forks. This is a simple enough fix though, simply take it out once every 6 months and either wipe it down with a damp towel or run it through the dishwasher.

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